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Birthday Parties: For a totally different birthday, why not book your party here at Aine’s Kitchen. We offer cooking or baking options which last 90 minutes. The theme of each party is flexible to each booking so your child can choose what to make at their party. All ingredients and resources are provided by Aine’s Kitchen so all you need to do is turn up. To book your child’s birthday party or for further details, please contact Aine on +44 (0) 7833 740043.Original File Name: 4126-Driscole-Pancakes-032.tif

Kids & Teenager’s Cookery Classes and 3-day Cookery Camps during Summer and school holidays.  The cookery classes are for Kids from 7 years and upwards. These classes are relaxed and designed to be a fun environment that young people can learn to cook and bake in. The emphasis is on helping kid to make healthy choices when it comes to their meals and snacks.

List of upcoming classes can be found at:

Just like my Adult Cookery Classes, I take everyday meals and make them that little bit healthier. For example, if we are making pizza during a class, we will make a wholemeal pizza topped with a homemade tomato and herb sauce or our burgers are made from scratch using only the freshest ingredients.  I am passionate about teaching kids that good food can taste great also.

Here is what some very happy parents had to say about my classes:

Aine is lovely! She has the patience of a saint and is so encouraging. My son Liam attended a cookery course with her in Hilltown and loved it. In fact, he’s been inspired and has his own Instagram account of all his baking and cooking (Liam_cooks). Will definitely go again!” Bronagh (Newry)

“Thanks to Aine my daughter Ava had “the best birthday party ever”. I have a feeling all her friends will be asking their parents for a party at Aine’s Kitchen. The photos say it all, so much fun” – Nicola McGuinnes (Newry)

“Kids just back from three great days. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Plus they made me burritos for tea tonight. Result.” – Shane Comer (Newry)

“Aine is amazing with kids, my daughter was at her cooking camp twice already and she loves it! She wasn’t very confident in the kitchen until the first camp and now she loves helping and wants to try new food ( she was a fussy eater so far) so Thank You a lot Aine for the changes you made during these 2 classes. I love your recipes and new ideas for healthier diet – well done and I wish you all the best for future!” – Kate, Newry

” I would recommend it to kids all ages it gets them interested in “real food” hope to see you again Aine” – George Don, DDP

“Thank you clara loved the Hilltown Cookery Camp, she can’t wait till september” – Caroline, Hilltown

Contact Aine on Mobile: +44 7833 740043 for more information on upcoming classes and camps.

Aine’s Kitchen staff are fully Access NI cleared.

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